UNC Compass is a two-day workshop for underrepresented undergraduates and terminal MA students interested in pursuing graduate studies in philosophy. The next workshop will take place on August 12-13, 2019.

Undergraduates of all years and terminal MA students are invited to apply. Comfortable knowledge of general philosophy is required but expertise in any area is not. If you are not certain you want to pursue a PhD in philosophy but it is something you are considering, this workshop would be a great tool in helping you make up your mind. Those who themselves are not part of any underrepresented group yet are passionate about diversity are also welcome to apply. However, in accepting applicants, we will be giving priority to those who a) are part of diverse or underrepresented groups and b) intend to apply to philosophy PhD programs.


Application instructions and event information can be found here: https://unccompass.wordpress.com/

For questions, please email unccompass@gmail.com.